Key-hole Garden as Intensive Spider Therapy Unit

Here is an unexpected use of a small key-hole garden shape that we installed in our backyard. It’s a little difficult to tell with all the leaves, but this bamboo-like potted plant is sitting the key-hole shape of a raised bed which is framed by sidewalk tiles (aka “baldosas”). We built up the key-hole shape to add some organic architectural dimension to the small backyard garden, and recently we discovered a very interesting use for the space: intensive spider therapy for infested potted plants.

This bamboo (aka “tacuara”) has been sitting in our kitchen-adjoining patio where it has picked up a mild infestation of small yellow sap-sucking bugs all about the undersides of its foliage. I’m not sure what bugs they are.

This spot shown in the photo, because of the central mulchy void of the key-hole shape, as well as a diversity of vertical climbing and web-building opportunities, has become prime spider territory with coming of autumn over the past month. We found that by resting our bamboo plants there, within a week they were fairly cleaned up during their stay in this “mini wilderness” therapeutic station.


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