Meditations on the Ant-ian Removal of an Inanimate Grasshopper Corpse

Meditations on the Ant-ian Removal of an Inanimate Grasshopper Corpse:

The twisty-turny path that the ants take traces an emergent course over the superimposed dimensions of their own locational cues (pheremones, hive mind etc…), as well as that of human architecture. At times they cut straight across the flat stone planes toward their offscreen hive, at other times they veer off into they carved niches and valleys of the human micro-topology made up by the stone tiles. Their world-line throughout this harvesting campaign, cannot be separated out into phases such as “natural” or “man-made”. They are making thousands of minute, quasi-autonomous corrections to complete a task that would be beyond any one of them alone.

Everyday when we go outside, we are observing ever greater displays of ecological complexity, thanks to our (permacultural) policy of bio-diversity in the garden. Only a few months ago, there were no grasshoppers to be seen. Now, attracted by nascent shrubs, foliage and succulent stems, the grasshoppers are making the rounds in our back yard. In fact, they’re so comfortable that they like to die here (just like Miami!).

Everything is recycled. Or, most everything of a bio-degradable constitution can, is, or should be recycled within the frame-work of a energy-positive ecological garden, which provides for the needs of humans as well as wildlife.

As Thich Nhat Hanh is fond of mentioning, most things that we think of as “dying” are really in a state of transition (the candle that has “died out” has transformed by entering into our bodies in the form of heat, and into our consciousness in the form of light). The grasshopper’s body still belongs to the field of life. In its consumption, it will beget more life. If there were no positive use for its corpse, it would be called pollution (to paraphrase Mollison).

The stone tiles look gorgeous up close.


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