Step one – Observation

Before we start working, we observe the space and take note of things that need to go, and the things that could be beneficial.

The primary bad guy in the picture is an unwanted and unused air conditioning unit that was given as a “gift” two years ago by a distant family member. However, as soon as the air conditioner was parked in the corner, it began to act as an attractor for other miscellaneous and not-very-useful stuff. Another clunker is a bulky and unwieldy “play car” which is difficult to maneuver in and out of the ninth-story apartment, and nearly impossible to navigate through the crowded and chaotic sidewalks of downtown Córdoba. Previously, the space was habitable and served as a play area for V’s two-year-old daughter.

All of the offending items share the characteristic of obsolescence, uselessness, superfluousness, contrary to a healthy way of life. Together, over time, these unwanted items form a super tumor which sucks life and utlity out of the vital space which we inhabit.

On the plus side, there’s a bag full of lemon’s from V’s parent’s backyard lemon tree, and a few unused plastic pots with will definitely be used for germinating new plants.

In recent discussions about psychomagic, and the codification of diseases, we had talked about the idea that illness and/or tumors can develop either internally or externally as a way of forcing ourselves to address imbalances, blockages of essential energy, traumas or other obstacles which impede our well being. When taken to the context of interior design, we can also say that removing the tumors of junk and clutter from a living space can have the positive effect of removing blockages of essential energy and opening up channels for positive energy and desirable experiences. In our case, we want to transform this space into an in-home greenhouse with room for sitting, reading, playing, etc… while preserving its current function of doing the laundry.

Pobrecita de la mulánima que se compadece de su suerte,
que va por los caminos a gachas y a tientas,
llevando en su lomo las penas de otros,
sin saber que las propias le pesan


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